Campaign performance like never before.


A successful harvest calls for the precise interaction of the entire machine chain, with the combine harvester playing a key role. It is the decisive factor for reliable seasonal performance, year after year.

The optimised LEXION models are the most productive machines on the market – measured in terms of harvested area or tonnes per year. Even in unfavourable conditions, they bring their strengths precisely when you really need maximum performance, saving you time and fuel and making you more productive than ever.

Find out how the LEXION can help you to bring in your next harvest on time, economically and reliably.


Optimum performance, even when time is at a premium.

CEMOS AUTO HEADER is the first assistance system that automatically adjusts cutterbar settings, such as table length and reel position, to the harvesting conditions at the touch of a button. This leads to a consistent crop flow and improves the performance of the threshing unit as well as the separation and cleaning functions.


Reduce fuel consumption and increase your yield.

It is precisely when you are operating under adverse conditions that maximum performance and efficiency are the most important criteria for success. The top LEXION models impress with fuel consumption of about 1 litre per tonne at high throughput and deliver their top performance exactly when it is really needed.


Be comfortably more productive.

Everything about the LEXION's new cab is designed for comfort. It is noticeably more spacious and features a completely new air conditioning concept. The intelligent control concept with the bright CEBIS terminal allows you to exploit the full potential of the machine.


Operating reliability you can count on.

When a combine harvester sets the standards for power and performance, it should do the same with regard to endurance and reliability, too. The intelligent drive system of the LEXION is one of the many factors which keep maintenance requirements low and operating reliability high.

Discover the strengths of the LEXION.

With every harvest bringing new challenges every working day, it is reassuring to know that you can count on process technology that is able to cope, whatever the requirements may be. The LEXION has everything it takes to deliver top campaign performance. The feeder housing, APS SYNFLOW threshing unit, ROTO PLUS secondary separation and the straw management system work together precisely and ensure the success of your harvest.

You can count on the performance of the LEXION 8000.

Whichever LEXION you decide on, it will become a key player in your harvesting chain. The LEXION 8000 model series with the APS SYNFLOW HYBRID threshing system offers you a choice of four models with high throughput for an extremely wide range of conditions.

The LEXION 8900 is the flagship of the model series. With the LEXION 8700 and 8800 models, increased engine output and optimised process technology guarantee even higher performance reserves than the predecessor models. The new LEXION 8600 completes the line-up and impresses with its cost-effectiveness and solid throughput under all harvesting conditions.

The automatic way to secure excellent campaign performance.

The CEMOS AUTOMATIC self-learning assistance system supports you actively throughout the entire work process. It checks all the settings on the basis of harvesting parameters such as throughput, standard of cleaning, grain quality and threshing quality while the machine is running and optimises it up to its technical performance limits.

CEMOS AUTOMATIC has a modular structure. You can configure both the entry-level version and the full version in line with your specific requirements in order to benefit from digitalisation in three ways: more comfortable operation, a smoother harvesting process and lower costs.

Optimum performance, even when time is at a premium.

The FIELD SCANNER sensor detects the height of the plants while the material feed height sensor in the feeder housing evaluates the crop flow. On the basis of these data, CEMOS AUTO HEADER actively controls the position of the reel and the VARIO cutterbar table. This results in an optimal crop feed at all times along with a significant reduction in the workload for the operator.

CEMOS AUTO HEADER has been awarded a silver medal by the Agritechnica Innovations Commission.

Make your fleet more cost-effective.

Harvesting large areas can be a major challenge for your machines. Linking them intelligently by means of a system like CEMOS CONNECT allows you to optimise simultaneously the capacity usage, throughput and grain quality across all the machines deployed.

CEMOS CONNECT links your combine harvesters when they are operating so that the settings of one machine can be transmitted to others. The data from the transmitting machine, whether optimised manually or controlled via the CEMOS AUTOMATIC assistance system, are picked up by the receiving machines.

The wide range of LEXION models

LEXION 8000/7000

  • High-throughput APS SYNFLOW HYBRID threshing unit
  • High-performance separation
  • Powerful engines with up to 571 hp
  • Grain tank volume of up to 18,000 l


  • Maximum soil protection
  • Precise front attachment guidance when operating with wide working widths
  • Better traction in maize, in the wet and on slopes
  • Lower drive resistance and fuel consumption

LEXION 6800/6700

  • High throughput APS SYNFLOW WALKER threshing unit
  • Powerful engine with 461 hp for the 6800 and 419 hp for the 6700
  • Grain tank volume of up to 13,500 l


  • Maximum soil protection
  • Precise front attachment guidance when operating with wide working widths
  • Better traction in maize, in the wet and on slopes
  • Lower drive resistance and fuel consumption

The LEXION 8000/7000. Increase your yield.

Impressively powerful performance translates into profitable efficiency. The top-of-the-range LEXION models deliver their top performance precisely when your operators really need it. This means that you save time and money while benefiting from exceptional productivity.

Cab and comfort
Crop flow
Engine and running gear
Service contracts

Comfort cab

Comfort improves performance.

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Operating concept

Operation of a LEXION is intuitive.

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Turn night into day.

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Operator assistance systems

CEMOS operators are unbeatable.

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Steering systems

Harvest with pinpoint precision.

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Data management

A connected LEXION is more productive.

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Feeder housing

The feeder housing is equal to any challenge.

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APS HYBRID threshing unit

An even crop flow saves fuel.

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Crop type change

Change quickly from one crop to another.

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ROTO PLUS makes the most of your crop.

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Clean grain is worth real money.

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Pivoting spout

Collect your grain quickly and reliably.

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Chaff and straw spreading

Its straw management is excellent.

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CLAAS Power Systems

Don't accept any compromises.

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Drive concept

The drive concept has what it takes.

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Hydrostatic ground drive

40 km/h for fast transfers.

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DYNAMIC COOLING - the smart solution.

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TERRA TRAC protects your soil.

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Making costs predictable.

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MAXI CARE Maintenance

Maintenance contracts improve your operational reliability.

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Extend your warranty.

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The LEXION 8000/7000.
Top performance is in its DNA.

Get to know the LEXION 8000/7000 a little better. Request a quote or contact us for advice on your specific requirements. Whatever your farm needs, the LEXION has the answer.

  • High-throughput APS SYNFLOW HYBRID threshing unit
  • High-performance separation
  • Powerful engines with up to 571 hp
  • Grain tank volume of up to 18,000 l

Technical data

You can optimise the performance of the LEXION 8000/7000 to match the requirements of your harvesting campaign precisely.

LEXION Threshing drum width
Grain tank
Maximum output
ECE R 120 (kW/hp)
8700/8700 TT 1700 2 13500/15000/18000 420/571
7700/7700 TT 1420 2 12500/13500 385/524
7600/7600 TT 1420 2 12500/13500 339/461

Reduce your fuel consumption and increase your yield.